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Renew Harvester Cloud Credentials

· 2 min read
Gaurav Mehta
Moritz Röhrich

Expiration of kubeconfig Tokens in Rancher 2.8.x

In Rancher 2.8.x, the default value of the kubeconfig-default-token-ttl-minutes setting is 30 days.

A side effect of using this default value is the expiration of authentication tokens embedded in kubeconfigs that Rancher uses to provision guest Kubernetes clusters on Harvester. When such tokens expire, Rancher loses the ability to perform management operations for the corresponding Rancher-managed guest Kubernetes clusters. Issue #44912 tracks the issue described in this article.


The issue affects only guest Kubernetes clusters running on Harvester that use cloud credentials created after installing or upgrading to Rancher v2.8.x.


You can patch the expired Harvester cloud credentials to use a new authentication token.

  1. Identify the expired cloud credentials and which Harvester cluster is affected by them.


  2. Download a new kubeconfig file for the affected Harvester cluster.


  3. Patch the cloud credentials. The cloud credential is stored as a secret in cattle-global-data namespace, and can be replaced with the new kubeconfig file. Ensure that the environment variable KUBECONFIG_FILE contains the path to the new kubeconfig file.


    kubeconfig="$(base64 -w 0 "${KUBECONFIG_FILE}")"


    cat > ${patch_file} <<EOF
    harvestercredentialConfig-kubeconfigContent: $kubeconfig

    kubectl patch secret ${CLOUD_CREDENTIAL_NAME} -n cattle-global-data --patch-file ${patch_file} --type merge
    rm ${patch_file}

    macOS users must use gbase64 to ensure that the -w flag is supported.