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NIC Naming Scheme

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Date Huang

NIC Naming Scheme changed after upgrading to v1.0.1

systemd in OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 which is the base OS of Harvester is upgraded to 246.16-150300.7.39.1. In this version, systemd will enable additional naming scheme sle15-sp3 which is v238 with bridge_no_slot. When there is a PCI bridge associated with NIC, systemd will never generate ID_NET_NAME_SLOT and naming policy in /usr/lib/systemd/network/ will fallback to ID_NET_NAME_PATH. According to this change, NIC names might be changed in your Harvester nodes during the upgrade process from v1.0.0 to v1.0.1-rc1 or above, and it will cause network issues that are associated with NIC names.

Effect Settings and Workaround

Startup Network Configuration

NIC name changes will need to update the name in /oem/99_custom.yaml. You could use migration script to change the NIC names which are associated with a PCI bridge.


You could find an identical machine to test naming changes before applying the configuration to production machines

You could simply execute the script with root account in v1.0.0 via

# python3

It will output the patched configuration to the screen and you could compare it to the original one to ensure there is no exception. (e.g. We could use vimdiff to check the configuration)

# python3 > /oem/test
# vimdiff /oem/test /oem/99_custom.yaml

After checking the result, we could execute the script with --really-want-to-do to override the configuration. It will also back up the original configuration file with a timestamp before patching it.

# python3 --really-want-to-do

Harvester VLAN Network Configuration

If your VLAN network is associated with NIC name directly without bonding, you will need to migrate ClusterNetwork and NodeNetwork with the previous section together.


If your VLAN network is associated with the bonding name in /oem/99_custom.yaml, you could skip this section.

Modify ClusterNetworks

You need to modify ClusterNetworks via

$ kubectl edit clusternetworks vlan

search this pattern

defaultPhysicalNIC: <Your NIC name>

and change to new NIC name

Modify NodeNetworks

You need to modify NodeNetworks via

$ kubectl edit nodenetworks <Node name>-vlan

search this pattern

nic: <Your NIC name>

and change to new NIC name