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The open-source hyperconverged infrastructure solution for a cloud-native world

Great for

Running Kubernetes in VMs on top of Harvester
Running containerized workloads on bare metal servers
Transitioning and modernizing workloads to cloud-native
The edge

What is Harvester?

Harvester is a modern hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution built for bare metal servers using enterprise-grade open-source technologies including Linux, KVM, Kubernetes, KubeVirt, and Longhorn. Designed for users looking for a flexible and affordable solution to run cloud-native and virtual machine (VM) workloads in your datacenter and at the edge, Harvester provides a single pane of glass for virtualization and cloud-native workload management.

Why Harvester?

Sits on the shoulders of cloud native giants

Harvester uses proven and mature open source software (OSS) components to build virtualization instead of proprietary kernels that are kept hidden from view.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

As 100% open source, Harvester is free from the costly license fees of other HCI solutions. Plus, its foundation is based on existing technology such as Linux and kernel-based virtual machines.

Integrate and prepare for the future

Built with cloud native components at its core, Harvester is future-proof as the infrastructure industry shifts toward containers, edge and multi-cloud software engineering.

How it Works

Harvester Architecture Diagram

Get Started

Want to try Harvester?

Simply install it directly onto your bare metal server to get started.

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